Do you still feel that things are moving forward, dots connecting? Cait’s fiancé has made a reppearance this weekend despite been absent from recent events/photos. What is to stop them carrying on like this until Outlander ends?

I expected the maestro to show up this weekend. I did not expect the junior person from Hawaii to show up this weekend and glad to see I was right.

You can always move things forward anon , that’s a no-brainer.

Left hand hidden in the three VF red carpet official pictures I saw. Same with Armani.

No pictures of Co stars when there should be nothing wrong with that equals trying too hard. Think about it, their work status makes a perfect caption. Here’s the leads of Outlander getting in the last weekend of LA before heading back to Scotland to begin filming season 5 of their show. I guess it’s because she doesn’t also have a picture taken with the subject of her fengagement. So perhaps in the classic world of overthinking, it would seem strange to take one with Sam but not Stick.

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