I actually really liked caits look and I don’t usually like hearts. But agree with youbon sam. Didn’t mind the velvet or even the color. But the shave and hair. But the bow tie was a travesty. That is just sloppy, careless work on Monty’s Part. wish he wasn’t loyal to these two. But, that’s sam.

I like Cait’s look a lot. I’m not usually keen on the wet look (Addicted to Love video flashbacks) but for this dress, with this makeup, and the side part…it all worked together as a whole. I loved the heart details. It softened up (thematically) what could had been a very harsh look. Even the blended out, light smoky eye softened the overall impression. I feel like everything was just the right amount.

But Sam. I mean, he looks good. Cause he’s Sam. And it is really really close. It wasn’t awful. But he looked like he was dressed and groomed by amateurs or the third string. And that is really unfortunate because he has so much leading man charisma, good looks, and charm.

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