Why do you think it is Team Cait who is driving this? Because she is the one is officially engaged?

First, I think her PR team sucks so let’s just get that as a foundation.  She also started late in her acting career and sadly it’s hard to get good parts when you’re a woman approaching forty.  So, she is trying to establish herself as an actress in her own right and not just half of a great team on Outlander.  That’s actually not a bad strategy, the show won’t last forever and she has aspirations in several sides of an entertainment career.  It’s the execution of it that is terrible from the fengagement, to the not knowing her name or how to pronounce it at GG, to her awful social media presence.  They couldn’t figure out how to balance a normal set of behaviors with her co-star (because they don’t have a normal co-star relationship) so they just drew a box around her.  The last long article she did in that Irish magazine was the first good thing I’ve seen them do in 18 months but you rarely get that kind of space in a US publication unless you’re at the top of the top so it means only the core fanbase even saw it. Not the average person who has to decide whether they want to go see her in a movie. She’s still got the relatable problem for them, IMO.

The dating co-stars of Victoria said they were worried about people questioning their professionalism.  And they are on PBS, they don’t have explicit sex of S1 hanging over their heads.  Then there’s the adorable Rami who falls in love with all of his female co-stars.  Hollywood is all over the place on this, I don’t get why Team Cait continues to overthink it. 

If she gets really good reviews for FvF (like steal the movie kind of reviews) then maybe they will think it’s worth it.  But if critics are ambivalent or barely notice her like in Money Monster given the two big stars and the third star which will be the driving scenes, then perhaps they will need to rethink things.

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