HAPPY BIRTHDAY @balfeheughlywed !!!  

It’s an absolute pleasure to fulfill a prompt for someone who is incredibly generous, makes me laugh until I cry, and listens when you need her. You are an amazing person, a wonderful mother, and a creative force.  I’m so grateful to call you friend. 

(also you can thank @missclairebelle and @jack-andthestalk for keeping me on task because you know how I whine over prompts).

Jamie signed the last report with a flourish, and checked his watch.  

“Shit!”  He threw his pen off to the side and gathered up his papers, shoving them in a dossier.

He continued to swear long and loud in the confines of his office.  Detective Chief Inspector was a lovely title but it came with a ton of paperwork. Paperwork that he got so deep into sometimes that he lost track of the hours. 

He was supposed to meet Claire at the hospital thirty minutes ago.  He stood up from his desk while tossing the folder into a drawer and slamming it shut.  He frantically searched for his keys to lock his desk.

That’s when he heard the trill of her laughter.   

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