Beauchamp, Plain and Tall: 4




The prairie grass grew taller and the buds on the trees began to bloom as well. The garden that Claire had been tending was thriving with new life. Everything was green and fresh.

Our neighbors, Ian and Jenny came to help with the plowing of our big fields. Da could do small areas on his own, ground that was already nearly prepared. For bigger crops in the rough ground, he needed more.

They came in their wagon with their horses. Willie and I stood on our porch and waited for them to arrive. We’d stood on the porch like that had been when Claire had come. We’d been so excited. So nervous.

The children, Pearl and Ruby sat in the bed of the wagon. They were smaller than Willie and I and people always said they looked a little bit like Ian, though I really didn’t think that was true. I had noticed that grown ups seemed to say things like that, about how lovely babies looked or which parent a child looked like.

Claire wore her hair up, though some curls were already loose. She had flowers tucked into her hair as well. Flowers that Da had picked for her.

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This is so so so lovely. There’s a rare tenderness and wholesomeness about this story, that gives me the best of feelings. <3

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