Fanfiction – Scalpel & Needle III


This story is set after the events of Arc I - Incision and Arc II - Deep Tissue, as well as the Christmas ficlet. I recommend reading all three before diving into it. As always, there will be a few gritty subjects to tackle and I hope you can stay with me as I finish the vision I had for these two. Special love to @holdhertightandsayhername, who made me believe it was possible again.

Scalpel & Needle III

Part I – Steel

The house was alive with echoes of his anger, something dark and burdensome that bounced of the walls, like the ripple of a clash of swords. His grey jacket, half-fallen from the edge of the couch, bizarre in its limp form, lacking the body within to give it shape. Fragments of moonlight jived on the crooked floor of the living room, a code of flickering lights, but any message from beyond was stubbornly hidden from her tired eyes.

Claire knew where to find him, where she would come to him; no place remained but the stronghold of the skylight, the dreamcatcher, the quilt that was broad enough to cover them both and everything that was between them, the nameless place that was their happiness.

She tiptoed to the bedroom, strangely afraid of causing any disturbance - of leaving a visible trace for someone to follow and find a path to them in the shadows of their own home, a way to rip them apart. The need to protect him, to stretch her body into a whole undefeatable army to fight for him, was overwhelming.

When she reached the threshold of the room, the female surgeon halted, breathing deeply to steady herself.

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