Fanfiction – Scalpel & Needle III


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Scalpel & Needle III

Part III – Crone

Claire looked suspiciously into her reflection on the bathroom mirror. Her amber eyes were red-rimmed and puffy; her hair the usual riot. There were barely any wrinkles to talk about, even in the corner of her eyes; although not a regular worshiper at the altar of moisturising, she had been blessed with smooth ivory skin, that needed little to no maintenance.

The female surgeon leaned over to inspect in greater detail, almost gluing her nose to the glass, squinting her eyes to look for the difference – the missing piece. It seemed impossible that nothing had really changed, when she felt thoroughly transformed. Less.

Her lips pressed together, holding a sob within, and she closed her eyes until a thousand evanescent lights appeared. Suddenly, a surge of anger – the colour of dried blood, oozy, uncomfortably hot – sprang on her chest and she ripped the bathroom cabinet open, grabbing tampons and sanitary napkins and throwing them haphazardly into the waste bin.

“Will ye open the door, Claire?” She heard Jamie’s voice behind the locked exit. “I dinna have a problem with talking across it, but I’d rather see yer face. Or I could just rip it from the doorframe and then you’d have to watch me piss every day.”

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