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Cats are programmed to get UP IN YOUR FACE between 4am and 6am. We may never know why

[image description: a grayscale comic of a person lying in bed with a gray cat in her face. In the corner of the picture it says “6:00 AM ???” In a digital font. The cat has one paw on her face, one on her shoulder, he is staring wide eyed into hers. They are conversing with each other. The cat’s dialogue is a in caps, the human’s is lower case.

Cat: “Mother” (with an ö instead of an o)

Human: “…yes?”

C: “I require”

H: “what do–”

C: “I require”

H: “???”

C: “provide”

H: “???” ]


Harold. “Parent! I require! You brought this new thing home and ignored all my yelling, now you are starving me! You must provide!”

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