Our Son, Arc II, Eggs. Chapter 15.


So this chapter was probably one of the first things I plotted when I thought of an Arc II for Our Son, there is a lot I want to say about the thought behind it but I will wait until the story is finished. Anyway…I was just as excited to get @balfeheughlywed seal of approval, I never move forward without her. I was equally excited that @notevenjokingfic approved and I hope @ladyviolethummingbird will forgive me for not waiting on her to wake up before posting this.

“Alright,” I said after a reasonable amount of time on Jamie’s lap, “let me get you something to eat, we will need to pick up Willie soon and once he has gone to bed later we can talk a bit more.”

I quickly scooped up the glass, and set a hurried pace as I gathered fruit and vegetables from the fridge to prepare a salad

I needed to insert some space between Jamie and me until we had a chance to talk later.  The way not only Jamie’s hands were roaming in the past few minutes made me acutely aware that I would end up hoisted on the kitchen table with my legs spread and my yoga bottoms around my ankles if I didn’t put a halt to our contact. At least until I had spoken properly to him. There was a need between us both, to repair our broken link. I could feel it building in Jamie, I understood it.

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