julesbeauchamp: Save Tonight: Ch.8 – “A Family…


Save Tonight: Ch.8 - “A Family Reunion”  

a/n: I sound like a broken record but I owe @lburks226 big time for her beta work on this fic and her overall encouragement and love!! As well as my darlings @curlsgetdemgurls, @suzannevvale & @sassenachwriter !! 

Thank you everyone, for reading and commenting on this story. It means a lot to me knowing that you care about this version of JC and wee Edouard! Hope you enjoy the chapter <3 

The train journey to Scotland was always the same. Jamie knew it by heart. The sight of the battered city, slowly turning into the yellows of the countryside, before merging into tableaux of green and brown mountains. It was lyrical to him, like the songs of his childhood that his mother sang before bedtime. It wasn’t the first time he made this journey, but it might be the last and he very well knew it.

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