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Physics: More pencil tricks


i.e. why when you or someone else gets stabbed or impaled, you should leave the object in the wound until medical help arrives.

THIS. RIGHT HERE. This is an amazing example!!

If you take the thing out, they’re going to bleed a lot more.


News Flash from the Medical Help ™ — we don’t touch it either! Unless the object they’re impaled with is literally too big to fit in the ambulance, We. Don’t. Touch. The. Thing.

The only people qualified to Take-The-Thing-Out are surgeons. End of story.

Okay, but for the love of God, please, PLEASE, if you did, if you panicked and took the thing out…. DON’T…. PUT IT BACK IN.

Or else, congratulations, you just stabbed them AGAIN. I reeeeeally shouldn’t have to say this guys, but I do.

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