Our Son, Arc II, A Second Chance, Chapter 15.


I owe @balfeheughlywed and @notevenjokingfic for this chapter it would be a completely different vibe only for them, they are always on the money and I appreciate their input so much. @balfeheughlywed also went through it for me with a fine tooth comb because I was busy being an overtired toddler. She is amazballs. Its 4000 plus words so Happy Easter!

By the time Jamie descended the stairs from putting Willie to bed and reading him what seemed like the time equivalent of ten bedtime stories, one look at his face told me he was near desperation for answers.

I had merely nodded my head in Willie’s direction earlier, asking him to wait until we were alone before discussing it. Now faced with the inevitable, my stomach churned over as I tried to gauge what Jamie’s reaction would be. 

I stood at the window in the living room, my back to Jamie as I heard the door shut softly behind me. I rubbed my forearms up and down vigorously, goosebumps rising in the wake of the movement — the apprehension of what words would come next made my skin seem like ice.

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