Have any more of your ‘dots’ connected now? After Dublin theatre and the following hasty Easter trip with The composer

There is zero proof that the Maestro went to Ireland for Easter. He’s in the airport dressed for a cold day when everybody else in Ireland and Scotland was dressed for a very warm spring day . He could have been headed back to London where he belongs.

This isn’t really a dot Connection because I don’t think they meant to get caught.

And it’s nice to see confirmation that the theater pic was actually Sam & Cait in Dublin for Mother’s Day. Because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have gotten the little Instagram /over reaction that we did yesterday.

I don’t know when Cait or her team is going to get it that when they lay it on thick after a slip or clue uncovered, they just are confirming what we suspected. I mean shipperville reacted with a rather understated excitement on that picture . If they had just quietly gone about their business this week and posted show stuff or current events, people would have just Put that into the receipt bag. Now with her lady doth protest too much Act, it goes to the top of the pile.

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