Why are sam and cait crucified for trying to mislead on their whereabouts? If I were them I’d do the same thing. This fandom is less than respectful, especially to anyone that shows up in their lives that isn’t the other. Wouldn’t you protect all you could?

Sigh, I feel like I should explain this in fifth grade language if you can’t see it.

People are disrespectful to those who disrespect them back. That’s not exclusive to Outlander. One fake SO trolled the fandom. (And that worked out so well for her that she’s still unemployed.)

The fake fiance, despite being a famous and successful bar owner, music producer, composer who does his own taxes (you know, the careers that should have a massive social media presence) has no way to communicate with the fandom, at least with his name on it . So, nobody has disrespected him even though we are forced to endure staged pap walks, painfully awkward and staged brohugs and airport snack runs.

People hate to be in an obvious gaslighting situation. We hate our intelligence insulted or in some cases, by Ms Balfe, our actual selves insulted.

I don’t blame Sam and Cait from striving for a level of privacy for personal or professional reasons. Life in a fishbowl is tough. What I do not like is when they try to pretend that the glimmers of light we find out or that they themselves create, are somehow our fault or we should not believe what our eyes see. One would think they were represented by Rudy Giuliani.

Take that leap of faith, Cait. And I say Cait because I think Sam has been ready to shout from the rooftops for years.

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