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Cait’s team fails her again

PEOPLE Magazine did an expanded issue called Beauties of the Year. It featured women from all sides of entertainment. Dozens of pages including special sections on:

Beauties with their cats

Beauties when they were cuties

Beauties without make-up

Beauties and their families

Beauties who give back

Beauties by the decade with roughly ten women in their thirties, forties, etc

No Cait that I could see when fast flipping through it.

These are the types of features that make someone relatable. They make the general public want to know more. They want to watch their TV programs, see their movies, follow them on social media, support their charities, buy their music or concert tickets, etc.

These types of special issues are not a surprise. A PR team can get a list of planned special issues 6-12 months in advance and advocate for their client to be included. They must know someone at the publisher. People is a sister publication to STARZ whore EW. They chose People to announce the fengagement, even if the editor assigned junior writers with no following.

Cait’s team and STARZ team are wasting her time and reputation getting a click bait writer to rush an article out about the fengagement in panic of a picture that was important and fun to see but not as big as others we’ve seen. Maybe they were worried about what else is out there.

Either way, I don’t know how they will help her out of this mess when their eye is on the wrong ball.

Her team is truly incompetent I have no words 🤦🏽‍♀️

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