I don’t understand people yelling and screaming that cait should just post a pic of her and tony to show they share a life. Caits never shared that part of her life, rarely does she even show her family or anything personal. And If cait did post a pic, she’d just be accused of lying and people would call it games and lies. Theres no right answer for her.

Well if she posted it now, yes. She’d be accused of lying and people would call it games and lies. Know why? Because it would be games and lies.

We’re all entitled to our privacy and if you want to be quietly engaged and keep your romantic life totally separate from your public one you are certainly within your rights to do so, no matter how big a celebrity you are. But you waive that right when you slip your official engagement announcement (minus an official engagement photo, which is odd in itself but I digress) to People magazine to be announced on your most public night at the Golden Globes ffs, and let your team plant your ring, and your announcement again, in a piece that compares it to royalty. Nope. You can’t have it both ways. You either are private or you’re not. You have to choose. And if you choose not private, and the relationship is real, then there’s no reason not to have shown at least a handful of organic looking pictures over the last year and a half in which you both don’t look like you just ate bad fish

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