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To @holdhertightandsayhername, without whom I wouldn’t be here still. This story is a bit of a rom-com in nature, I hope you enjoy it. <3


Something Beautiful

Part I - Duck

The nuptials of Geillis Duncan and Frank Randall promised to be the social event of the season in Aberdeen. Squeezed between the rivers of Dee and Don (undoubtedly named by someone prone to alliteration and unafraid of jokes), not much else happened that could truly shake Granite City to its core.

I had several concerns when it came to such a wedding: I had yet to find a suitable gift that wouldn’t meet its fate in some forlorn back shelf; I had four pounds to lose to ensure the perfect fit of my aqua bridesmaid’s dress; I had to plan Geillis’ coming bachelorette weekend in Glasgow; and there was, of course, the small fact that I was just a tad in love with my best friend’s groom to be.  

It wasn’t something that I had planned with method and intention, like a grocery list or a dentist appointment. My feelings for Frank had started like a soft knock on the door of my mind, a type of fluttering alert that made me tiptoe towards it in curiosity; finally, when I reached out and fully opened that door, they rushed through me like an inconsiderate burglar, forcing me to spill the secret code of the vault of my heart. I think I didn’t realize how deeply I was into him until they announced their engagement, six months before – fragments of that night swirled inside the liquor of my mind, memories like misted glass, where I could trace words that meant deception.

Geillis was an old friend, back from a time when we used training wheels on our bikes and tried to escape brushing our teeth after dinner. Frank came much later, an acquaintance made in the dimness of a freshman party at North East Scotland College campus, his lithe frame pressed against a hallway that smelt of ale and roasted peanuts. He was endearingly overdressed for the occasion, acted like a man with a purpose and we were both thoroughly fascinated.

Frank was into human History; we into human mystery (the closest career available, besides seer, was medicine - so both of us enrolled in medical school). We frequently went out like a trio and things seemed to have settled into that easiness of a good, solid, friendzone. But during our second year I severely sprained my ankle, clumsy by nature and reckless by disposition, and had to spend a week at home with my foot propped up. During that time, my friends had found a common way out of friendzone and into – well – naked-together-in-bed district.

I trotted out of my house, a lovely cottage near the costal area of Aberdeen, and crossed the narrow road towards the house immediately in front. Making sure that no keychain with a funko pop Voldemort was dangling from the doorknob – the warning sign we had agreed upon, whenever he had company -, I didn’t bother knocking and went straight inside.

“Duck, are you home?” I called out, distractedly kicking off my shoes by the door. I heard a muffled greeting and peeked through the kitchen door, where my other best friend was stuffing his face with a generous breakfast, still wearing his dark blue uniform from work.

“Hey, Sassenach.” Jamie playfully pulled a strand of my curly hair when I approached him,  munching placidly. “Want some?”

“Is that haggis?” I sniffed primly, my face contorting in a purely disgusted grimace. “You do realize it’s not even nine o’clock yet?”

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