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Part I

Something Beautiful

Part II – Eat the Sky

Feeling slightly guilty that I had spent the majority of my afternoon using Jamie’s big flat telly to watch movies with Noah Centineo (the boy was barely legal, but such a sweetheart), I vacuumed his living room before I head back home to change for dinner (mostly to hide away the crumbs of the pricy chocolate cookies I had eaten from his cabinet). He was still asleep when I left, but I knew he could shower and get dressed quicker than I could say “Wayne went to Wales to watch walruses” - he had a lot of practice with his job in being expeditious.

While royalty wasn’t indeed expected for dinner, Geillis had a much-deserved reputation of throwing lavish dinner parties; with her wedding just around the corner, I wasn’t counting on her dialling it down. With that in mind, I opted for a form-fitting midi dress in light blue lace, paired with a pair of high-heeled sandals that I could actually bear for more than five minutes.

When I was ready, I grabbed my indigo handbag and trotted to Jamie’s house, inhaling the balmy hair of a rare Scottish day that whispered of summer. He was standing on the porch, his hair mimicking the perfect sundown in the light of coming dusk, his face rotated to look at the sea on the horizon.

“Had a nice nap, Duck?” I chirped, carefully climbing the stairs to avoid getting stuck on the old boards with my heels.

He turned his neck to glance at me and the corners of his lips trembled. “That is not jeans and a sweater, Sassenach.” Jamie hawked slightly, as if his throat was painfully scratchy. “At least ye combed yer hair, I guess. Those small victories to be grateful for.”

I scowled and swatted him on his powerful arm - he had the decency of pretending that it hurt. “Maybe we should take something for the hosts. A bottle of whisky? Or some fruit?”

“I’m already takin’ my charming presence.” Jamie rolled his eyes in exasperation and shrugged. “If I ken Geillis, she’ll have enough food to feed one or two small countries for a week. Let’s get going, Sassenach.”

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