Redeem Me: Chapter Twenty


Here we go! Thanks to beta @notevenjokingfic and everyone else who always supports me so much in this journey! 

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Chapter Twenty: The Lost Boy 

“Can ye forgive me?” he asked, tentative and small. “I-I shouldna have spoken to ye so— earlier, I mean. I wasna cross w’ ye for no’ tellin’ me about Colum. I ken ye had no reason to be wary of him and that’s my fault. But I—”

He brought her hands to his lips, kissing them in earnest.

“Fergus called, told me that Colum had found ye, and I—” he choked off, head falling, and she could see the tremble of his muscles as he shook. “I’ve never been so scared in all my life.”

Her earlier ire had long since melted away. He was so open, so raw, and clearly terrified.

She gently extracted her hands from his and held his face between them.

“It’s alright,” she hushed, “Let’s just- let’s just talk. Okay?”

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