Deep as the Road is Long (Part III, Chapter 17)


Rating: General Audiences

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A/N: New (final???) mood board by the lovely @smashing-teacups as usual!

January 2017

It doesn’t take long to find an apartment close to Lallybroch, which means it’s about fifteen minutes away, but not so far that going back and forth is a chore. The worst part about the move was finally having no choice but to sort through all of Frank’s things she’d never gotten around to throwing away or donating. It was his clothing, mostly; when he’d first died she could press her face against the lapel of his coat and smell the lingering scent of pipe tobacco. It was comforting then - she hadn’t been able to say goodbye to him, the loss was sudden and he’d been gone hours by the time she was notified. As she’d stood in his closet and looked at the clothes, there’d been a quiet ache in her chest before remembering why she needed to finally give it all away.

Jamie was waiting for her.

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