“This is supposed to be fun” It was fun until someone decided that stalking SC and taking pictures of them would be a good idea. Why are people not more angry about this? It’s a disgusting invasion privacy that they don’t ‘deserve’ – no matter what some anons seem to think. The ramifications of this could be huge. Their Privacy and safety are now compromised. This should never have happened and people shouldn’t be celebrating it

I understand what you’re saying, all certainly valid, but any ramifications involving their privacy and safety have been compromised long before now. Those went down the tubes the day their addresses were made public. We have no business knowing such things, but we do, and this is the result. The property was not identifiable from these pictures. I did feel a bit uncomfortable seeing those pictures but then am I a hypocrite because I don’t feel the same level of discomfort looking at that shot today of Cait and Tony? Do they mean for us to know that it’s staged? Or are they saying they’re okay with having people snap pictures of them when they’re just living their lives?

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