Deep as the Road is Long (Part III, Chapter 23)


Rating: Lightly smutty toward the end.

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July 2017

He’s been uncharacteristically quiet for days, and it worries her.

Claire’s tried to pull things from him, she’s tried to get him to speak to her, but he always seems so lost in thought; never upset, never sad, just in his own head. She’s slightly concerned, but trying to follow his lead and not smother or push too hard, trusting that when he says he’s fine, he is. Still, she’s surprised when he suggests they go to dinner at Rocpool in the near future.

“Isn’t that–well. Isn’t it expensive?” she asks hesitantly.

Her reward is a broad smile, his first one in days, as though some sort of weight has been lifted from his shoulders. “How often do we go out? One dinner date ye have to dress up for. ‘Tis all I’m asking.”

Dress up, for a restaurant that’s reservations only. She should suspect, but she’s so relieved to see him smiling and happy that it doesn’t even register. Two nights later, while she sits across from Jamie looking over a menu of very expensive dinner items, Claire lets out a breath. “If we’re spending this sort of money, I feel as though I should get something different,” she says, squinting in the low lighting. “Christ, I can’t see anything.”

Jamie hasn’t looked at his menu once; he’s too busy watching her lean in and try to make out the small text in the dim room. It makes him smile to himself, the simple idea that he can take his time to memorize the way her eyebrows knit together when she’s focused, the way her lips part and her head tilts to one side as she thinks.


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