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Gold Dust Woman: Ch.9 - “Magic Hill” 

a/n: It wouldn’t be an a/n if I didn’t start by thanking @lcbeauchampoftarth for a great beta job and for taking the time to fix my chapters each week! And to you all for/liking/rebloging/commenting on this story. I hope you’ll like this chapter, too! 

Enjoy <3 

The morning was slow and uneventful. Barely any customers walked through the door of Moira’s little shop, which gave Claire time to be alone with her thoughts and to finish the tasks the older lady had given her before disappearing to run errands. The Englishwoman sat by the counter, a warm cup of oolong in one hand, and an old Celtic tale book in the another. 

The book was quite a fascinating melting pot of various stories and legends of the Highlands; yet, her mind couldn’t help but travel back to Jamie. Reluctantly parting with the Scot earlier this morning, the taste of his lips still lingered on hers. A tingling, but pleasant sensation she never wanted to get rid of. Smiling to herself, she took a sip of tea, not paying attention to who had just walked through the door.

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