Full disclosure I’m interested in the truth regardless of outcome but I’m confused by your last answer cause when they rolled out the fengagment publicly that was part of what made everyone think it wS fake . So if she did marry her vamp and did it privately now that’s what makes that fake? 🥴

There are just so many things that make both the loud fengagement and a silent marriage look fake, all of them to do with a total lack of congruency.  A classy lady like Cait doesn’t get engaged without an engagement photo more recent than an old shot taken at an industry event a year prior.  Someone with Cait’s sense of humour doesn’t not smile, ever, even a little,  when she’s with the love of her life. Someone with Cait’s passion about treatment of women doesn’t settle for someone who can’t be bothered to look her way or offer support when her name is called at an awards ceremony.  Someone who’s always been tight lipped about their whereabouts doesn’t suddenly start a blow by blow account of their Australian vacation, and someone who’s planning on announcing their engagement to the public in a dignified way doesn’t let it slip through seven incarnations by a tabloid journalist.  Someone who’s become engaged over the break and is very happy doesn’t have it announced after the press interviews at the Golden Globes are all done, after everyone is in their seats, and then refuse to talk about it again except to say “God no!” whenever it’s mentioned, which it wouldn’t be if that discreet someone had made it clear to the press that her personal life was her own.  Someone whose fiancé is shy doesn’t drag him to every red carpet event and she certainly doesn’t break with the old boys tradition at Cannes her first time out by saying to the likes of Jodi Foster “I don’t care what the Festival dictates, or what the other celebs are doing, I will not attend this press only event without my Tony”   so yeah, the engagement is pretty fake.  You will never convince me otherwise.  So after going to all that trouble, if they wanted to carry the narrative to the next level, which would be stupid, but if they did, we would know about it.  They wouldn’t just have her wear a non-matching band and hope we notice.  So to answer your question, the quiet wearing of the band  is the least of what makes a wedding fake.  The absurdity of such a wedding even being an option is what makes it fake.  The wedding, as someone wise pointed out this morning, that she was just in Somerset planning two weeks ago.

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