In the Eye of a Hurricane



Thanks for the amazing support for this fic so far! I am about to get pretty busy, but I wanted to get another chapter of this one out before I couldn’t find the time to write. I hope you enjoy! 

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Chapter Eight

The problem with having a revelation was that it was all Claire could think about. She’d sit across from Jamie at dinner and think of nothing but her growing feelings for him. They’d work together in the fields and she’d be distracted by his presence next to her. At night when she was asleep, his face would fill her dreams. He needed to know how she felt but every time Claire tried to work up the courage to tell him, something else got in her way.

There had been three different days she’d decided to do it. The first day, she’d gotten out of bed, set in her mind that by the end of the day Jamie Fraser would know of her feelings for him. But when she walked down to the kitchen, he’d already left to run an errand for the day in Broch Mordha. Claire decided she’d pull him aside when he returned. When he returned in a foul mood, she chose to wait for another time.

The second day had been five days later. He was in a good mood this time, thankfully. Ian was usually the first one to walk in for lunch so Claire decided to go find Jamie after Ian had left the fields. As she was turning to walk out the door, Ian stopped her. “Ye going to find Jamie?” Ian asked. Claire nodded. “Good luck finding him. Jenny informed him that Laoghaire was coming over this afternoon so he’s taken to hiding so he doesna have to interact wi’ the lass.” Claire breathed out a laugh and returned to her spot at the table. She wouldn’t do it while he was hiding from another woman. It could wait. She had time.

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