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Happening right now in Hong Kong - the police is firing rubber bullets and using batons, pepper spray, tear gas and water cannons on peaceful protesters who took the streets to protest against the passing of a controversial law which would allow China to extradite people.

Protesters set up camps, gave out snacks and surgical masks before all of this started. Tanks are apparenrly out in the streets as well and people are being hurt as I write this, but they are not backing down.

Most of the protesters are young people, university students, even high schoolers.

Date: New York Times, 12 June 2019

I’m from Hong Kong. On 12 June, peaceful and unarmed protesters were provoked and then assaulted by Hong Kong Police Force violently with out of proportion deployment of tear gas. Protesters were being shot in the head with rubber bullets and beanbags. While protesters were provoked by the police to throw water bottles, umbrellas and bricks, no burning and robbery or riot activities were commited by these protesters. HKPF sent their full-geared riot police, not to clear the protest and restore order, but to take this opportunity to assault these protesters and even journalists.  Unarmed protesters were scared and ran for their life.  They only had umbrella and medical face masks to protect themselves. They were taking a break, sitting or already lying on the ground. They can no longer defend themselves nor had they charged at police at all. They were being pepper sprayed and brutally beaten by the riot police. Journalists with equipment screamed their identity and riot police continued to charge or sneak behind them to apply pepper spray.

On 16 June, two millions, lined up for hours for public transport, took the street to say no to extradition law but also to demand the government to retract the “Riot” designation and to condemn police’s excessive force. The leader’s apology is no more than a lip service without even acknowledging the mass turnout on 16 June and their grieve concerns about police’s abuse of authority. We are fighting for Hong Kong and for anyone who still believe in justice.

Photo credits: Hong Kong Free Press, Apply Daily Hong Kong, Kam Yik Hey

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