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Happening right now in Hong Kong - the police is firing rubber bullets and using batons, pepper spray, tear gas and water cannons on peaceful protesters who took the streets to protest against the passing of a controversial law which would allow China to extradite people.

Protesters set up camps, gave out snacks and surgical masks before all of this started. Tanks are apparenrly out in the streets as well and people are being hurt as I write this, but they are not backing down.

Most of the protesters are young people, university students, even high schoolers.

Can someone add that GIF of them letting the ambulances through?

Hey Hongkonger here. You ask and you shall receive. Here is the ambulance crossing of the Red Sea gif.

Hongkongers are in desperate need of spreading the news to the world when the leaders are gathering at G20. Hongkongers are courageous in fighting against authoritarian rule and police brutality. We know many in different parts of the world suffer and are fighting the same battle. Please don’t give up because look, only a few millions of Hong Kongers stand unafraid against China with the population of 1.4 billions, the second largest economic system in the world. You know why? Because we know you’re there looking out for us, speaking up for us, standing up for us. We never lose faith in humanity and international society. We believe in you. We have successfully crowdfunded for an open-letter advertisement on the following papers:

- U.S.:Washington Post、NYT

- UK:Financial Times

- Germany:Süddeutsche Zeitung

- Japan:讀賣新聞、朝日新聞、The Japan Times

- Korea:朝鮮日報

- Australia:The Australian

- Canada:The Globe and Mail

- Taiwan:蘋果日報

- Belgium:Politico

Please buy a copy in your country and help spread the news. Being informed and connected are empowerment of conscientious citizens across the world.

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