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Happening right now in Hong Kong - the police is firing rubber bullets and using batons, pepper spray, tear gas and water cannons on peaceful protesters who took the streets to protest against the passing of a controversial law which would allow China to extradite people.

Protesters set up camps, gave out snacks and surgical masks before all of this started. Tanks are apparenrly out in the streets as well and people are being hurt as I write this, but they are not backing down.

Most of the protesters are young people, university students, even high schoolers.

The police are now stopping ambulances trying to help the injured and are taking people out of the ambulances and arresting them insteading of letting them get the help they need. This could cost people their lives, their vision (they aimed the rubber bullets in the heads of the protesters), etc. It’s like those police officers forgot what their jobs actually are and lost their humanity in the process.

The man covered in blood and lying on the floor in one of the photos above is a journalist and the police shot him in the head! The protesters moved to let the ambulance pass through and directed them to the man and let them pass to the hospital freely, clapping at the ambulance workers all the while. The man has since lost consciousness and his condition is reported as being serious.

Meanwhile, the police had since blocked other ambulance vehicles from passing through and arrested the injured.

A video of the journalist being shot was captured and is currently spreading on social media - in it, you can see that the man was just standing there and didn’t do anything to warrant being shot whatsoever.

approx. 10 riot police beating up lone protester while journalists (in yellow vests) film

earlier (approx 5:30 HKT 12/6/19 (dd/m/yy)) a protester was shot in the face ; not sure if its by rubber bullet or bean bag


Video of a man coughing blood 

Urgent medical supplies the protestors need:

This is today, 6/12/19. Please note that even though it’s posted by “one-time-I-dreamt” this is not a dream. This is actual news that is happening now, and searching Google for it (”china protest where can I help”) finds nothing on the first page about the violence the protesters are suffering, despite being covered in articles about the Hong Kong extradition protest.

Does anyone know where people in other countries can help? Is there an organized medical group working with this?

That’s a sign your government is filtering results. I’m in Canada and soon as I type in China protest all this and more comes up. As yet there is no clear agency organizing rescue and relief so how to help doesn’t bring up much. Generally speaking Red Cross is who usually organizes this kind of thing so contacting them about it is probably your best bet.

Unarmed peaceful protesters were brutally assaulted by police and then charged with incitement of riot. We HKers demand the Hong Kong government to retract the riot categorisation for more than a week. The Government not only didn’t respond to this demand but openly praised the police of diligently carrying out their duties. We will never surrender to violence and injustice. We have faith in humanity and the international society. Please spread the news and let more people know about what’s going on in Hong Kong. It will save us as long as you care. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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