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Contact Your Representative and Tell Them To Fight Against Trump’s Camps

Additionally, if you can see if you can donate money to these organizations

Me waiting for all the soulless monsters to tell me how ‘if only they had come in legally’

These are concentration camps and there only purpose is punative punishment

Holy…. these are concentration camps, nothing else. That’s horrible and these people are monsters.

Horrifying :-( 

😢😡 and so sick and tired of hearing “Then maybe they should have stayed home” or “Then they should have come in legally”. This is terrifying.

These are concentration camps. The conditions are atrocious. It is abhorrently cruel and what’s even worse than that is that the inhumane cruelty is part of this administration’s policy.

Seeking asylum is NOT illegal. Crossing the border is a MISDEMEANOR. A misdemeanor. Like a speeding ticket.

I weep for them and I weep for us.

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