Fanfiction – Something Beautiful II


Heartfelt thank you to you all, for reading along. And one very special to @holdhertightandsayhername, who constantly reads ahead, supports me and keeps me honest. This story wouldn’t exist without her to see me through. X


Something Beautiful Arc I, Ficlet I, Ficlet II, Ficlet III

Part I, Part II

Something Beautiful II

Part III – Pros and Cons

Jamie and I tended to make important decisions when we were well loved. Sometimes our bodies were still pressed together, fresh from joining, and I felt his laughter inside my own belly; other times, we moved and drifted around the bed, two red young stars born from a mutual explosion, taken slightly out of balance from each other’s gravity.

It was how we decided on our first vacation together post-romance; how he promised me he would be more careful when braving the seas (the two of us now, his whispered motto); and how we broached the subject of our shared residence. Although we had finally agreed on moving in together, deciding on the permanent address of the blooming Beauchamp-Fraser clan was not a finished deal - two strong competitors stood facing each other, Shore Lane’s number 3 and 4, the twin houses which had harboured years of glancing to each other’s window late at night (he is there, all is well), and whose windows now opened to parts of ourselves.

It wasn’t a simple or straightforward decision - beyond the obvious sense of territorial ownership, feelings of nostalgia and practical issues (the size of his closet, the mattress on my bed, the available space for a gathering of books and picture frames, where we existed both together and on our own) added considerable numbers and puzzling symbols to the equation.

“Maybe we should make a list.” Jamie suggested, massaging my right foot with his knuckles, exerting delicious pressure on strategic points of my sole. I had somehow ended up with my head towards the end of the bed, gazing at his long toes, after riding him hard (“ye will break me, Claire”). “Ye ken, with pros and cons of each place. It might help us decide.”

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