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Sam Heughan

What can I say except this actor has been robbed of nominations and awards over and over again. Sam is such an immense actor.  He does not need a dialogue to nail a scene. His is the master of facial expressions and he emotes beautifully. His emotional intelligence, love and compassion shines brightly in this episode. His eyes alone conveys so much. So. Much. 

Sam Heughan performs vulnerability, love, compassion, and strength exquisitely in The Birds and The Bees. He is a consummate professional who truly embodies Jamie Fraser down to the smallest details. He is present in every scene and acted with his eyes, heart, and mind.

He has been snubbed time and time again. Not being nominated for an award does not mean his body of work is not on par with industry standard but there is something to be said for the recognition that a nomination brings. If there is someone deserving of a nomination this season, it truly should have been him. Not just for this season. He should have been nominated for Faith, Wentworth and To Ransom a Man’s Soul but he was overlooked. I feel for him. He acted his heart out in this episode, as he did with every episode of Season 4. 

It is such a travesty that Sam is not nominated for the 2019 Emmy Awards. His multifaceted, courageous, and authentic performance defined Season 4. There could be many factors for this, including the ways in which the industry is unable to relate to a male protagonist who balances his masculinity with vulnerability, and moreover, one who has been sexually violated. While Jamie performs patriarchy and historically situated toxic masculinity from time to time, he also subverts such performative expectations through vulnerable masculinity. He does the necessary emotional and intellectual work. He is in tune with his feelings (and Claire’s); he dwells in fear, weakness, and sadness but none of these traits reduces the warrior spirit in him. Above all, he exhibits the sensitivity chip that seems to be missing in normative portrayals of men on television. Is such vulnerable masculinity unworthy of award recognition? 

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