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A sea of Hong Kong protesters giving way to an ambulance.

These people are not rioters.

Two millions of HKers took the street on 16 June 2019. While Police refused to let ambulances pass, protesters let them like the crossing of the Red Sea. It happened more than once.

I have witnessed this ambulance post grows from a few thousands to now 60 thousands.

Meantime, six HKers killed themselves to arouse attention and advocate support to the movement. 400ish protesters at age from 13 to 70, majority of them are peaceful ones were arrested. Hundreds of protesters were injured, including journalists, first-aids, civilians passing by.

The Govt. hire gangsters to attack protesters with weapons and send police undercovers to instigate violent acts. Our peaceful marches and rallies are radicalised by the escalation of violence by the Hong Kong Police. Our city now stinks with thousands of teagases and is wounded by rubber billets and batons.

We are not giving up. If we have to die, we will die in dignity and courage. We stand up to awaken the world of the authoritarian rule we are facing.

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