I am not a shipper and I wonder how Cait-Tony relationship works because they are both joyless when together. What is your take on them?

Is this call being monitored for quality assurance purposes?

Eh, fuck it, I’ll answer.

Well, who fucking knows? Who fucking cares? But…. I must say that in the precious few very privileged glimpses we have been graciously allowed, there is nothing about them I would categorize as “inspirational” or “aspirational”. In fact, their unrelenting need for secrecy is highly suspicious to me that they both have secrets that need keeping. Perhaps secrets even from each other? Perhaps.

They’d rather let a world of very imaginative delusional internet busy bodies weave an intricate web of horseshit about them than speak any semblance of their authentic truth. If the truth were happy, they wouldn’t hide it. That’s my take on them.

Always remember, never forget, your directive:

Believe what you want.

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