owlnguava:Thank you everyone for your support and kind messages to Hong Kong, and most of all the…


Thank you everyone for your support and kind messages to Hong Kong, and most of all the intelligence and ability to know between right and wrong.

What I want to add is, beware of fake news. China has a massive social media troll army. They are perched on all social media platforms within and outside of their Great Firewall. Yesterday Twitter and Facebook announced that they cracked down on state-backed accounts that took part in a misinformation campaign targeting Hong Kong and Hong Kong protestors. I hope other platforms are doing the same. The YouTube ads they put out are blatantly false, crude and yet, easily reach out to millions with unsuspecting minds.

Regarding the lady who lost an eye. The Chinese state media, CCTV, outright lied that it was protestors who hurt her, while there is plenty of video and photo evidence that showed a bean bag round stuck in her goggle as she took it off. Only the police use bean bag rounds. So basically the state media is the head troll providing materials and then the troll army put the fake news on blast, trying to shape public opinion in their favour.

I cannot go into detail what else they have done to smear our cause. That would take 100 thesis. However, please please continue to support Hong Kong, as international support is our lifeline. Also, please be vigilant in the information war, which is happening right now worldwide. No one is immune. China took their lessons from Russia and you know what else Russia is doing.

Guard your freedoms, your rule of law and your privacy fiercely.


I stand with the people of Hong Kong.


My heart goes out to the people of Hong Kong😢


The best way to help Hong Kong is to be public in your support, spread info and dont let this be brushed under the rug.


China will be trying to censor this, we need to get the word out and let the world know the atrocities going on in Hong Kong. We cannot have another massacre.


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