Helloo to the House! How did u come up w ur lovely loop theory? *Was it influenced somehow by ur religious beliefs?* Before I learned of ur theory I thought for sure was Astral Projection bc Jamie was “alive”- his approx age when he watches Claire below her 1940-something window as well as sees across time in the later bks. 😘💋

Hallo anon!

I don’t think the Endless Loop Theory just popped into my head fully formed - rather, it’s the culmination of thoughts that have rolled around in my head for years.

Jamie and Claire presumably die ~1800. But we also know that Claire is born in 1918. So - time moves on post-1800, and Claire is born again in 1918. Just like how time moves in parallel, which means that in order for Claire to fall through in 1946 and find Jamie in 1743, Jamie also must be born again. Etc.

And since I don’t like to think that Jamie and Claire are stuck on the loop, I presume that things can change with every iteration of the loop. They don’t - can’t - remember what happened during the previous go-round, but unconsciously their souls remember. So they make slightly different choices, which consequently affect their trajectory on the loop.

Does that make sense? Now I think I may have just confused you all and myself…

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