Tales from a Market


Part I

Part II

Part III

Three Saturdays later, after finishing their coffee, he asks if he can ‘call on her.’  She loves that he uses an old-fashioned expression but is surprised by the way his eyes harden, like he’s expecting rejection.

I would like that very much, she says and reaches a hand out, palm up, indicating she wants his phone.  His mouth forms a small Oh! and he digs it out of his pocket, gives it to her.  She puts in her number, hands it back, then asks for his contact information.  He trips over his tongue giving her the numbers.   

When she walks away she looks back over her shoulder to see him smiling at the screen.  A face-splitting grin that makes her heart sing.  He scans the crowd for her, sees her looking, and gives a boyish wave, back and forth.  She flutters her fingers, and promptly walks into another shopper.  When she rights herself, and them, she looks back again and shrugs.  Their laughter is excited, giddy.  

A day later he calls on her.

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