One Summer, Part IX: Caught Out



As always, @notevenjokingfic and @smashing-teacups have held my hand through this. They are actual angels. 

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One Summer
Part IX: Caught Out

“Adso… no!” Claire shrieked.

Seated in the center of her dining room table and staring at her, the bulbous feline houseguest looked up at Claire with a single stately paw hovering over the bowl of pasta. The green gaze said, “Who? Me?

Legs decidedly still wobbly from Jamie’s kitchen counter attentions, Claire launched herself at the table. But before she could round the edge and wrap her hands around the fluffy barbarian’s grey body, Adso dipped the paw deeper into bowl, dug thoughtfully for a moment, and extracted a single, shivering noodle from its depths before leaping to the floor. Claire was sure that she sounded just at least marginally hysterical as she screamed some mangled, jumbled series of curse words at the beast.

Jamie started out of the kitchen behind her, the beginning of a question forming on his lips and hands occupied by caprese salad and a carafe of red wine.

She turned to him, sighed heavily, and muttered, “Jesus H. Christ.”

“What happened?”

“I have a cat.” She thought for a moment and shook her head, deciding on an amendment to the representation. “Actually, no. The fucking-bed-and-breakfast has a cat.”

“Oh aye? A wee cheetie friend?”

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Claire, honey, you can give yourself all the pep talks of what you SHOULD BE DOING, but it’s not going to work.  

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