I wish someone would just explain the purpose of the fake engagement and fake wedding. Who profits and is Sam also a part of this plan. It just gets confusing and breaks my heart for both Cait and Sam. Again what is the purpose??

The purpose is money. The message is not ‘Cait is married to Tony.’ The message is ‘Cait is not with Sam.’ Tony is so nondescript and he’s hanging around at every industry event anyway, so I guess he did seem like a good choice for the part in the beginning. Casual fans would read that she was spoken for and see him with her, so there you go. Message sent. But it’s gotten out of hand. The more they drive this story home the more insincere and cold hearted she looks, and the more Sam looks like a cad who thinks it’s okay to grab the ass of another man’s wife, and I really don’t think that’s who they are.

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