Your answer should have been: we don’t know what cait gets from tony bc we don’t know either of them and see maybe 2% of their relationship. In fairness to you tho that 2% is pretty dismal. Or in caits own words: he tolerates her when she grumpy after work, makes tea, and takes out the trash. He’s her house husband

I started with IMO (in my opinion) and that is my opinion…I have watched them long enough, years, to have formed an opinion… and you will forgive me if I don’t take Cait’s words as gospel.

From what I have seen, that man can’t change the date of his bday on a piece of paper for 10 years, literally, no joke, nor take out a Xmas tree from his bar for 7 months  (he left it for the new owner, embarrassing). 

So, somehow I don’t see him as the type of house husband who takes out the trash for her every day if he can’t even run his business in an organized fashion.

Btw, what you just described is something a house assistant, PA or butler can do.. 

I don’t think I have ever describe my husband in serviceable terms only…

She married him, but her relationship with him is alternative…

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