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The thing about love

You can try and excuse certain behaviours … but you can never excuse love or hide it❤️

The weekend was all about Caitriona. Yet Sam was never absent from her thoughts and consideration. Likes and comments on his highland filming. Very publicly.

Yet she is supposedly a newly wed, who had her ‘husband’ with her during a weekend which should have confirmed that she’s happy with her choice. Pictures prove otherwise.

As I have said they don’t even try to hide the fact that Tony is in the supporting role himself. He gives it away repeatedly as does Caitriona. Who treats your partner the way she has done and continues to do, as seen this weekend?

He is not the leading man in Caitriona’s life.

And Sam. He made his feelings clear too. Over and over again.

So anon stop reading me because my opinion and belief are cemented in certainty.

Eyewitness certainty

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