Yesterday you were saying Cait was pretending to be in the UK but really was in LA. I’ll take your word for it bc I don’t follow her on any SM so I have no idea. Anyway, now that we know Tony sold his bar etc how are you so sure he wasn’t in LA with her all summer? I mean it’s not like places just close down in one day it had probably been failing for a while, which kind of nixes your whole “his life is in London busy running his bar”

Seriously, it’s not that hard. Any school age child could do this and does a better job researching for school projects than half this fandom.

1. Open Google Chrome/Firefox/Explorer whatever

2. Find the search bar

3. Type in Anthony McGill Islington

4. Hit search

The searches come up.

Among those you will find job ads placed by Tony himself on ZipRecruiter looking for a cleaning lady and a couple of different ones on LinkedIn and some other sites looking for an Assistant Bar Manager. They were placed last summer and beginning of this year. He is the contact person. He was doing the interviews himself. He would have had to be in London for it.

He was looking for a company to take over the bar for a while but in the meantime the owner of the property was still expecting him to run the business which he was, as he even said so himself in the August 2018 document. He said he was responsible for the day to day operations and that the bar was his source of income.

There are other things too…but why rehash it all now

But even if by some chance he was in LA with her the whole time, which he wasn’t, it doesn’t matter… sharing everyday life is not living in LA in your friends AirBnB style hotel instead of going home and building a life together when you have time off to do so.

She is married to him now, but meh… 

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