Was that a SiS girl who asked the question about living somewhere else after Glasgow

Firstly she is a woman not a girl.

And yes Bianca from SiS Brazil was at the CC panel.

It was her who thanked Caitriona for her Claire and also for being the woman she is. She gave her a gift and asked David to help sing Happy Birthday. It was rousing and delightful.

Take note, do not throw your Caitriona hate down here. I will just delete the comments.

Bianca also asked the question ‘when OL ends will you guys still live in Glasgow’. Very awkward and stunned silence. Duncan came to the rescue. ‘ I guess you just have got to be where the work takes you’

A question that had never been asked before. Not the usual rinse and repeat questions. None of the saccharine questions. A real question. One about both Sam and Caitriona, and the eventual end of the show.

It stunned everyone.

You go where the work takes you. Well most actors, even in long running series do not purchase expensive property in a city that they have no ties to previously. Sam had been living in London for 10 years. Caitriona was based in the US for just as long. TPTB provided both of them with superior rentals. For the duration of the series. But they both chose to buy in Glasgow.

A very valid question. Not intrusive. Just insightful and perceptive. Their expressions and muteness immediately was and is very telling.

If you are living your truth it should have been a very quick and easy answer. Individually. No need to look to each other like ‘ oh fuck did not expect this question’.

Bravo Bianca 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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