lovinghk: photo by mingleaves Banned HK gamer has no regrets…


photo by mingleaves 

Banned HK gamer has no regrets over online protest

(source: rthk news | 9 oct 2019) A top online gamer from Hong Kong who was expelled from an international tournament after showing support for the city’s protest movement said on Tuesday he has no regrets.

Ng Wai-chung, who represents the Asia-Pacific region under the name Blitzchung, had just won a crucial match at the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament when he exclaimed in Putonghua: “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times” during a live-streamed interview with hosts in Taipei.

Apple under fire from China over HKmap.live app that tracks police activity amid Hong Kong protests

(source: scmp | 9 oct 2019) HKmap.live uses crowdsourcing to track police vehicles, armed officers and incidents in which people have been injured. People’s Daily column accuses the tech giant of ‘allowing its platform to clear the way for an app that incites illegal behaviour’

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