🧛🏻‍♂️‘s beanie has taken on a life of its own, ffs. 🤣

I don’t want to make fun of the guy’s beanie or clothing style…whatever, he can wear what he wants

What I do take issue is the look of being unkempt… there is no excuse for that…

He is also 43 years old ffs, there is no excuse for looking like a teen from the movie Clueless and like he hasn’t showered, rolled out of bed and slapped a hat over his greasy hair, to paraphrase

There is something to be said about personal appearance, you don’t need to wear Prada… any store/brand will do as long as you are clean and tidy and the close are flattering… Tony missed the boat on that one last night

Also, minor thing, but just for the sake of being polite, don’t wear a beanie in a Chapel that is being used as a concert venue.. He immediately stands out as the only dodo wearing a hat in the pics I saw

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