Escape:  Hallowe’en Ficlet


All the thanks in the world to @missclairebelle for this one.  She turned a dumpster fire into a fic.  

Thanks to Vera  Adxer on twitter for the artwork that inspired this, and @happytoobserve for the encouragement.


Claire slammed the door behind her with her foot, arms full.  She walked over to the couch and dropped her load.  Purse, doctor bag, an awkward sized garment bag, and her laptop case went tumbling over the arm of the sofa, and sprawled on the cushions. 

“Anybody home?” she hollered.

“Aye! Up here!” Henry’s voice carried down the stairs, followed by the thundering sound of his footsteps.  

Claire shrugged off her trench, and hung it on the coat rack.  She turned around just in time to see her son jump off the bottom three steps.  

“What in God’s name are you supposed to be?” she laughed, hands on hips.  

“Kylo Ren!  Do ye ken who that is, Mum?”  He was dressed all in black, complete with black cape.  His dark curls were pushed back off his forehead, and one long, jagged scar was painted down the left side of his face. He brandished his lightsaber menacingly, and with a small flick of his thumb, it lit up a bright red.

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