I see we’ve gone from denial of a wedding to, with C’s new interview, married but a marriage of convenience only. This fandom is a bottomless pit of excuses. What will it be when the kids come along? “well she had to have kids to make the marriage of convenience seem real”. Stop the madness. Speaking in general terms, not about you in particular Wretched.

Eh, fandoms exist for no other reason than to propagate madness. 🤷🏻‍♀️ There is no profitability in the calm and reason of being realistic. It’s the way things are and have been for forever. Living that fandom life is optional tho, so if it’s too much for you it is ok to look away. A menace in need of activism does not exist in this realm. Having said that tho….

Caitriona alone has the power to rein in most of the madness that orbits the universe of her personal life, if it’s bothering her that much. The internet is there for her use just as it is for the fandom. She chooses not to use it. Why? Maybe she thinks sharing anything real about her personal life is giving up control, admitting defeat, rolling over and accepting victimization, I suppose. I’ll show them, she thinks. It’s petty tyranny behavior. What she doesn’t see, though, is that trying to maintain control through hiding and avoidance is the world controlling her and in a way that harms only her and the parts of her life she chooses to hide.

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