The Hardest Thing: Chapter Eleven


As always, thanks to @lcbeauchampoftarth​ and @happytoobserve​ !! 

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Chapter Eleven: The Calm 


Other than the distant sounds of a party in full swing, the hallway is completely quiet. Standing there with Claire, pressed up against her soft body, I could swear that we’re the only two people in the world. I let out a low hiss as I slip out of her, righting our clothes before wrapping her in my arms.

Claire’s face is pressed into my neck, and when I feel the trickle of moisture on my skin, I pull back, alarmed. She looks up at me with those bonny eyes, two pools of whisky shimmering with tears.

“Claire?” I rasp, cupping her face with my hands. “What’s wrong?”

Had I hurt her? Been too rough with her? God, just the thought makes me feel queasy.

“I can’t do this anymore, Jamie.” Her chin wobbles. “It’s tearing me apart.”

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