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Again, I want to apologize for the lack of updates with these. I’d also like to thank the writers who are being SO patient as they wait for a Friday when they will be going up. Just hang with me while I find my rhythm once more!

This week we are featuring queen bee @notevenjokingfic​​!

We all know her and love her, and to us, she’s always been Notevenjokingfic or NEJF for short. She has also been in the fandom for a looooong time, since 2014! (Wow, she definitely has patience!) 

She starting writing Outlander fanfic back in December of 2016 when she was doing a Secret Santa gift for @writtenthroughtime​. That story was Escape and  surprising it was only supposed to be 12 chapters!

NEJF’s favorite character to write?  Jamie, actually! She says: 

“I’m a weirdo for this (most people say Claire), but Jamie! It’s not even that he’s my favorite so much as I find him infinitely easier to tap into. He wears his heart on his sleeve; everything he thinks or feels is right there. He’s refreshingly earnest, straightforward. Claire is just so much more COMPLICATED (which admittedly is fun to play with, deep dive introspectively, etc., but I breathe a sigh of relief when it’s a Jamie section)! Plus, I’m just a sucker for the way he loves her. 😍“

And while Jamie is her favorite character to write, her least favorite character to  write is Bree. 

Her favorite piece of work would be the Residency Years in Escape. Notevenjokingfic feels like she did justice to Claire’s dealing with her miscarriage and its aftereffects. She’s also really proud of how Clair(e)voyance 3.0 ended up turning out. She says that case was “pretty tight from start to finish.” (I think I speak for us all when I say, we loved it too!)

Notevenjokingfic’s favorite quote from the series is: “It has always been forever for me, Sassenach.” (And yes! We all soon!) 

Her inspiration for stories? I’ve got the scoop:

Escape was a Christmas gift, so what is more Christmas-y than the 12 Days of Christmas? I honestly can’t remember how I hit upon the Origami aspect, but once I did the entire fic just fell into place. 

Clair(e)voyance was born on a reread of DIA, where Claire holds the skull and “sees” that the person didn’t die peacefully. I thought it would be cool to explore Claire with “the sight” as a forensic scientist, and then naturally Jamie would have to be a cop. On the way to work the song HeavyDirtySoul by 21 Pilots came on, and who Claire was, her backstory, and how she and Jamie would meet just fell into place. 

The Beauchamp Chronicles was inspired by The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix. I really wanted to explore the idea of Claire descending into this madness over finding Jamie.

Since she’s a master of storytelling she also has some killer advice for writers. NEJF says to write slowly. For her, stories have to be solidified in her head before she even attempts to write it. And then once she’s started, she has her story almost completely finished before the first chapter is even started. She says that she’s a Virgo: perfectionist, careful, and detail oriented.

Her favorite fanfic trope is: “Oh no this motel only has one room with a single bed, what will be do?!” (And hey, that’s one of Librarian Waffs favorites too!)

Her favorite Outlander novel is the first book because she says that it is absolute magic.

You can visit @notevenjokingfic​ and hit the menu. From there, you can pick a story and take your pic of whatever story floats your boat!

Stay tuned for next week, where we will learn all about another Author on our Catalog!


Seriously, it’s was nice to be able to share my thoughts, and writing process with you all.  Thanks for the Feature, @abreathofsnowandwaffles @thelallybrochlibrary.  This was fun!!

Judas.  Everyone’s comments are making me cry!!!  Who knew Escape would be so special to so many people??? I’m sure many of you know….there’s a lot of me in that story, some of the situations are ones I’ve survived.  

Thanks for reading, and sticking with me, and for telling me I was your first.  

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