But how do you know that Sam (or especially Cait) hasn’t done something like this and just didn’t document it on SM? Or does it only count if you make an IG post showing what a great and charitable person you are? How do you know that the folks in the photo are “really doing the work”? Or just popped in for a brief photo op? (And honestly, traveling to Ghana to meet health care workers, sick kids and their parents is something, in my book, at least.)

Aww….bless your heart. If they HAD done that, it would have shown up on SM or in an entertainment mag/blog/twitter account. They are actors. Anything they do that helps their public image gets blasted. I get that you stan Cait. I think that’s great. I really do. I think it is wonderful to have something/someone you admire so much that you can overlook some areas of public image that might need enhancement or improvement. Do I KNOW that Ryan Eggold was there for the whole day helping pack boxes to feed NY’s disadvantaged? Nope. But here’s what I do know……HE WAS THERE DOING IT. And that counts.

Ftr, I never discounted anything that Cait has done. Going to Ghana, talking and visiting with the families and care providers was great. I’m sure it made an impact on her and hopefully helped the clinics as well. That was 4 years ago.

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