Good god, have you seen the picture that might be of the Maestro last night with Cait? If that’s him, he doesn’t look healthy at all!

I have, and yes, he’s no Sam Heughan, is he? You know, papa-tumblz shaved his head a few years ago for a community fundraiser. That was the day I realized just how shallow I am and had to come to terms with the fact that I didn’t like looking across the dinner table at Elmer Fudd. He still likes to rub that in, and thankfully it was temporary and he has other things going for him, but the truth is that there are things that matter in a relationship…is he successful? a good provider? proud of you? attentive? does he make you laugh? If you can check all these boxes then maybe he could get away with looking like Elmer Fudd. But if he shows none of those qualities then by God he needs to not look like he needs to be resuscitated and transfused. Lucky for him none of those things are on the PA application form

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